Silicon Valley Agile Leadership Network Meetup

Great Meetup at CSV last night with the Silicon Valley Agile Leadership Network! Our speaker was the “spirited” Pollyanna Pixton, author, Forbes contributer and expert on agile leadership. Pollyanna focused Collaborating with Non-Collaborators as the evening’s topic. What a blast!

On your Agile Teams… do you have “introverts” or people who simply don’t want to collaborate?  They can crush your team and your collaboration (think anti-Zappos behavior).
We understand the vital importance of collaboration among team members. However, how can we deal with non-collaborators—people who won’t work with us? Although we may not be able to change them, we may be able to work with them. This session describes how to identify non-collaborator and examine the system within which the non-collaborators work: their success factors, motivations and measurements. Using a Trust and Ownership Model, we considers tools and techniques to cope with each trait, building a strategy that empowers you to collaborate no matter what.