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Silicon Valley Agile Leadership Network Meetup

Great Meetup at CSV last night with the Silicon Valley Agile Leadership Network! Our speaker was the “spirited” Pollyanna Pixton, author, Forbes contributer and expert on agile leadership. Pollyanna focused Collaborating with Non-Collaborators as the evening’s topic. What a blast! On your Agile Teams… do you have “introverts” or people who simply don’t want to collaborate?  They can crush […]

UX Field Trip Friday: Tesla

From precision welding performed by giant self-healing robots, to finish work applied through human craftsmanship, the 5.3 million square foot Tesla factory in Freemont, CA offered everything you’d expect from a company that produces a mainstream luxury sedan that can do 0-60 in 2.8 seconds (which is faster than a Lamborghini Aventador). Our non-disclosure agreement […]

IFTTT Goes Live on X1

Along with our X1 core development team in Philadelphia, we’ve just launched IFTTT for X1. If you’re not familiar, IFTTT (If This Then That) is a recipe-maker service that allows you to mix and add controls to the products and apps you already use and love. And now, we’re launching a beta feature in partnership with […]

CSV team launches Watchable

Now live from CSV: the beta version of Watchable, a new, cross-platform video service that curates a selection of the best content from popular online video networks and shows in an easy-to-use experience.  Now, iOS, watchable.com and X1 users can watch videos from about 30 digital partners including: AwesomenessTV, Buzzfeed, CelebTV, Collective Digital Studio, Defy […]

Team Comcast Crushes Waves to Wine

Team Comcast had a blast riding in the 2015 Waves to Wine MS fundraiser. Our team was small but powerful, and although it wasn’t officially a “race”, we did have fun riding past team Google, Salesforce and others (okay, they rode by us a couple of times too but hey, all in good fun)! Here’s […]

SJSU Career Fair

The Comcast Silicon Valley Innovation Center attended the Computer Science Career Fair at San Jose State University last week. The event hosted about 2000 students, recent graduates and alumni. Janet Lobendze, Dmitry Jerusalimsky at Matt Coler were there to shake hands and spread the good word about what CSV is all about. Starting promptly at noon, […]

Toastmasters Area 4 Event at CSV

Comcast Silicon Valley hosted the Area 4 Humorous and Evaluation Speech Contest on 9/22/15. Despite our club being only a year old this October our own Kevin Shea took first in Humorous and will go on to District! Kevin’s topic centered around an epic fishing trip as a 7-year-old that lead to a self confidence […]

UX Field Trip Friday: Computer History Museum

What an amazing evolution we are all a part of! And no better way to understand what’s happening than by time-traveling at the Computer History Museum. We were all impressed with the craftsmanship and ingenuity of the earliest engineers. Their physical work seemed so much more complicated than what we do today with code. But […]

Scala Bay Meetup at CSV

Last Thursday evening CSV hosted a Scala Bay Meetup with conversations centering around Akka at Comcast and presentations by one of our development teams. What an awesome group! There were over 80 guests and nearly 20 more Comcast attendees. Companies represented in the audience includedf Box, Netflix, HP, Twilio, Samsung, Stumbleupon, Apple, quite a few start ups and many others. Over pizza, beer and wine […]

UX Field Trip Friday: Target Open House

Check out a few photos from our recent visit to Target Open House , a brand new retail and demo space in San Francisco that’s, as they describe it, “part retail space, part lab, part meeting venue for the connected home tech community”. What’s great about the facility is that it goes beyond educating customers on individual brands and […]