At the 2017 CES in Las Vegas, XFinity Home introduced our new 3rd Party Partner program, inviting other best-in-class smart home products to integrate seamlessly into the XFinity Home platform.   Why?  Our long-term vision revolves around giving customers choices on which devices they want in their smart, digital home.

The first step is to open our XFinity Home platform to new partners. So we rolled up our sleeves and did just that.  I’m proud to say that our team at CSV authored the Platform Architecture, the Adapter Overview, the Device Capability Model and the XFinity Smart Rules sections.  Of course, that was easy since we also designed and developed these very same systems

The design and development was a collaborative joint development between our engineering teams in Philadelphia, Silicon Valley and India.

But why would another company want to partner with XFinity Home?
• Increased marketplace presence
• Platform innovation including voice control
• Unified interfaces on mobile, laptop and of course, television
• And specialized tech support

Your smart devices are exposed to 28 million homes across 39 states.   We continue to innovate and improve our platform to create new interactions and value to our customers.  Voice is a great example of extending our platform’s value.  Unified interfaces allow your customers to control their smart digital home on any screen that they choose.   Lastly, Comcast’s specialized digital home tech support can help customers with any questions or issues.

Now back to the customers
Customers want and demand choice. They want to easily add new smart devices into their home. They want things to “just work”.

They want their homes to be intelligent, adaptive and personalized. All devices work together to create even greater value and we hope, wow and delight the customer.  We believe in the smart, digital home.  Interested in joining us?

Mark Hashimoto
Director Engineering