X1 Photos hits the App Store!



Comcast Labs has just released X1 Photos, a new mobile app that allows XFINITY X1 customers to easily cast photos and videos from their iPhone or Android smartphone directly to their TV.

The app enables casting from on-device photo galleries including camera roll, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr. Support for additional 3rd party services will be added in the near future, as will a guest mode that allows even non-customers to cast to any X1.

Connecting social accounts to X1 is another handy feature of X1 Photos. Customers can opt to simply connect their social accounts to X1 which will automatically populate a TV companion app with user’s photos and videos. From that point on viewing photos from Facebook, Instagram and Flickr on TV will be as easy as tuning to the app. This feature will also allow users to point the X1 screensaver to their own photos.

The goal of the new X1 Photos mobile app is to allow anyone to enjoy and share their own personal media on X1 as quickly and easily as possible. In order to meet this goal we also built a new device pairing system for X1 called Easy Pair. Using a simple numeric code that appears on the TV, Easy Pair enables the connecting of mobile devices and PCs to X1 in order to cast photos and videos, and in the near future will support many other services including the casting of music and HTML5 apps.

X1 Photos is currently released under the Comcast Labs brand, which encourages live customer use and feedback in order to inform against success criteria. Once an app reaches certain milestones in Comcast Labs, it graduates to a fully endorsed and supported XFINITY product. We’re hoping to see X1 Photos graduate in early 2017.

Congratulations to the whole CSV photos team for the release of X1 Photos!

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